Our civic duty has been completed.

Rainy day, but we walked to the ballot box anyway. It’s about a mile away, and there appeared to be a steady stream of people walking or driving up, and waiting a socially distanced bit away, for their turn.

We were masked, as we almost always are when we walk. Today I took off my glasses because I felt blurry beat foggy. I wore a different mask today. It fit well, but didn’t have wire along the nose, and I think that caused more fogging. Or the dewpoint.

Other than the walk it was a bit of a lazy weekend. I continue to call it travel recovery, but after today that excuse will have run its course.

My home work station is now surrounded by watchers. Our cutouts are home for the winter. I wonder if it would work to have them sit in on a meeting or two.

Fully into fall now means it’s also time for the World Series. The Rays are in for the AL, and the Dodgers/Braves decision is currently figuring itself out. There are varying reasons to root for or against any of these teams, so it could be a fun series to watch. And thanks to the Rays for taking the Astros out, I would have had to root against those cheaters! They may say they were treated poorly, but they brought it on themselves, and I think they profited most by not having fans in the stands.

2 Responses to “Done”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I took my ballot to my library drop box where there was another couple ahead of me, but they let me go first. We got no rain here today; it was actually very nice, although a bit windy.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I definitely think you should have watchers in your meetings! Especially if you want to eat chocolate bon-bons without feeling guilty. Just put your cutout in front of you.

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