Time to go

It has been a great trip. One leg to go, and back to the grindstone.

Time is showing everywhere.

Puff balls.

10/10 showing their age

Trees are beautiful in their fall plumage.

Many, many walks. The County Farm Park was a pleasant nearby discovery. One afternoon our walk consisted of covering all of the different paths within the park.

Elevated Water Tower

The Maya Lin Wave Field was also new to us. (On UofM’s North Campus. )

Francois Xavier Bagnoud

Of course family was the main event, and spending the early distant time for the later close times was worth every moment.

Soccer basketball revival.

It’s a family thing
It’s a grandparent thing
It’s a great-grandparent thing
It’s a great-aunt thing
It’s a family thing

3 Responses to “Time to go”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    Gorgeous fall photos and such heartwarming pictures with your family. Your dad looks great! And what fun to hug your sweet grandson.

  2. jane Says:

    oh yeah – love the Wave Field.
    good to see you guys – safe travels

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    It was so much fun to Zoom with everyone! I love the video Rey posted of Great Grand-Dad reading “Un libre mas”

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