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Off schedule

September 24, 2020

Got up early a few days ago. Not tremendously early, but earlier than the day before. A good friend got up early too, to take us away.

We sat in the back, with our N95s on. Well, mine was a KN95, but Carl had the real deal, although I think it was a pretty old one from some work project. One of the bands broke almost immediately, but it worked with just the one band.

We sanitized our way through the airport, almost walking past our gate. We are usually at the end of the terminal (is that redundant?), but this time we were next to a Starbucks, which is why we had slowed down.

We “bought the row” on Alaska, guaranteeing a vacant middle seat. And it was, also the 3 seats on the other side of the aisle and the 3 behind us. Smooth sailing, and a ride into A2. Masks all around.

Carl’s friend, unmasked

We are now ensconced in our quarantine bnb. It is quite comfortable, with a good work space and a living area that is big enough to have a socially distanced visitor. So far we have had my sister over, delivering groceries and sharing a beer. And this morning Dad showed up! We are about 1-1/2 miles away so completely walkable, since we have borrowed his car. We are really keeping our distance, and limiting the time, but the masking is an interesting proposition. He is a bit deaf, so lip reading is a big part of hearing. Especially when he leaves his hearing aids at home. We are meeting him halfway tomorrow, after he is done with his swim. They just reopened the pool for limited, timed appointments. Only 4 at a time, in your own lane. Sounds perfect to me.

What has been weird is waking a bit late for local time, yet not needing to start work until almost lunch, and then working until after a normal dinner time. Then it’s bed time! Confusing.

We have found a nearby set of walking trails. Not too long, maybe a mile and a half loop, but then loops within loops. And we even found a neighborhood entrance foot path, although it looks like it turns into a creek when it rains.

In case we forget where we are