Almost like Work

I spent the better part of today seated in front of a computer. The difference was it was our home computer instead of my work computer. I usually do the bills on the weekend, so that was normal. And tracking our expenses, also normal. And then there was going through about 100 emails that were saved, or really, just not read/deleted. Most I had decided to put off when they arrived, until I had time. Today was that time. I didn’t react to all, but put them into positions other than my email inbox.

And then there were the two pesky medical “bills” that can’t seem to get resolved. One is from an out of network provider who can’t manage to get their bill to our provider for determining what part we need to pay. I will pay when they get it processed, but every few months we get a letter asking for our Medical Plan information. This is for services from last year, sheesh. And for some reason our provider is sending out a second set of Explanations of Benefits for some chiropractic visits last year. Over a year ago and the EOBs are different! I will have to call. I paid all of those bills and don’t understand why I keep getting new and different statements. It’s exhausting.

But yesterday, between endless sessions editing a document, we got to zoom with my Dad! On his 93rd birthday. The first time I have seen him in a year. And he got to see his great-grandson. Oh, there were others involved, sisters and a brother in law and Corwin’s parents. Without those others it would not have happened, so thanks to them.

The distance visit got me moving to take a long visit back to MI, but not for several weeks yet. Plans are in motion. I was sure to fly Delta using our credit from previously canceled flights. But Alaska had a BOGO sale going, ending today, and it was too good to pass up. We still have another year to use the credit. I am counting on being able to travel next year. We also booked our quarantine apartment for the first half of our time away.

Other exciting news is that the raspberry crop is diminishing, but the tomatoes are ready to take their place.

And after many, many, years, an accidental duplicate Costco purchase is finally used up. Or at least into dispensers. I honestly think 1 gallon bottle is over a decade old.

One more puzzle done. And so am I.

4 Responses to “Almost like Work”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I’m delighted that you’re making travel plans. I would like to be invited back to NY in October, but the other grandparents are going back there soon for the first time, so I don’t want the kids to feel overwhelmed. Even though I tried not to be a burden, I know they worried about me driving from Newark, and keeping myself busy for those two weeks. (not as much of a problem as I envisioned, although somewhat boring by myself) I wish I had some homegrown tomatoes! I love them.

    • raincharm Says:

      I may ask for travel advice when the time grows closer. I have ordered kn95s to supplement our cloth assortment of masks. Next I will look into grocery options for delivery and pickup.

  2. jane Says:

    I already do Harry’s grocery shopping, so I could shop for you too.

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