Busy Day

A group I am in asked us to set a “long-term” goal (6 weeks). And then each week we can report on our progress, or not, or change, it’s very flexible. My long-term goal was to reassemble a weight machine we have had for many years. We took it apart when we vacated the premises for the remodel. We have been back for almost 4 years, so it’s about time.

The first 2 weeks when I reported my progress, my report was no progress. I was determined to not have the same response this coming week. To be true, the weight machine is still in pieces. But like all good projects, getting started means some other projects have to happen first.

Where the weight machine should be

The weight machine is the white pieces

In this case, the weight machine needs a place to live. The location of choice was occupied by a bench, which could be shifted closer to a wall, except for 2 bicycles that have not been ridden in a decade. The 2 bicycles could move to the garage, they should really find a new home, so to make room in the garage. The garage has space, but it is cluttered and not fully organized.

Today’s work was focused on the garage. Two long ladders, excess vinyl siding, and pieces to an outdoor movie screen. One ladder is a tall, old wooden extension ladder, and very heavy. The other a much lighter, aluminum extension ladder, but a bit shorter. The vinyl siding is left from the remodel where the kitchen was extended. I would not use vinyl siding, but replacing all of the siding on the house was beyond our budget. Vinyl siding pieces are long and flexible, making wrangling them interesting.

This is where I actually had some fun, figuring out how to wrangle, and make them more manageable for the long haul, and found a reuse for trash. The siding had been in a cardboard box, about 12 feet long, and disintegrating. The first step was to get rid of the cardboard. Step two was to get the 3 vinyl siding pieces to hold together. I actually just tied string around them at 4 places. Now they move, almost as one. Then there were the 5, equally long, mounting strips. And a moment of inspiration from a newspaper bag floating around the garage, which I tried to fit around the end of the mounts. It fit, and we have several newspaper bags that had not been recycled yet. The mounting strips are now encased in a series of 8 newspaper bags, taped at the joints. And they move almost as one.

Vinyl mounts in newspaper bags. The wood pieces make an outdoor movie screen.

This may sound like much ado about a little vinyl, but it was the key to the rearrangement. Control of long things.

I have plans to make this new arrangement better, by hanging the ladders on the wall, and maybe some of the screen parts. To that end I bought some hangers, but ran out of steam before I got it all done.

The exercise machine is not rebuilt, but there is now space.

Future rebuilt weight machine location

And the garden is progressing. The first tomato is almost ripe, and the zucchini leaves are well established.

And made a pot of lentil chili to complete the day. For tomorrow, always better after a day. And half is in the freezer.

4 Responses to “Busy Day”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    That’s what’s exhausting about projects, the organizing of everything else to make room or find the ideal space for stuff. I would like to do more with my cupboards, but I don’t even know where to start or exactly what I want to do. Lentil chili sounds delicious. I love chili!

    • raincharm Says:

      There is a whole other project to organize a big storage shelving unit in the basement, and our emergency supplies… but it feels good to get it going. Maybe this project will morph into more.

  2. jane Says:

    regarding the longer, heavy ladder – do you really need the extra height it will provide? if not, out it goes! or bolt it to the wall/ceiling to make hanging stuff off it easy (if it’s sturdy enough) and it sounds like the bikes need to get re-homed at the Salvation Army – like 2 from the PUs garage and 1 from the cabin shed.
    I say all this while my basement and second bedroom are an absolute mess.

    • raincharm Says:

      I have had both of those thoughts, and just asked Carl if we could. So onto step 2, or is it step 5. The ladder is a bit taller and our neighbor has fits when we use it because she is sure it’s going to fall apart.

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