It’s not quite 3, and we have reached 10,000 steps, each. So I guess I can relax. The day started feeling like a Friday, alarm and all, but has morphed into a Saturday, with a long midday walk. I should be thoroughly confused by Monday.

One of the first things I did this morning was watch a video about a glacial erratic put out by the local natural history museum. Wedgewood

Then after some future meeting negotiations and a bit of work we donned our masks and stepped outside. First stop was a mailbox, then drugstore, bookstore pickup, park for ball vs wall time and then a walk to go further just because.

And Carl said, do you want to go to the rock? And so we went. Cruising north Seattle neighborhoods, heading to Wedgewood.

Along the way we passed a lesser known site,

And finally, the Wedgewood Erratic.

Almost as exciting, we found a non-motorized cut through short cut. In Seattle these are usually steep right-of-ways with stairs. This one started with about 5 steps, but was a gentle slope, paved halfway with dirt path the other half.

Breakfast was a face of fruit.

Apple, pear, strawberry, cherry and grapes

Not to be confused with a fruity (blackberries) face.

And of course, this bounty of backyard raspberries.

2 Responses to “Wedgewood”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    I’m confused about most of the days now. First being retired, and now the pandemic. It’s like retirement on steroids. Looks like a great walk! I did a bunch of yard work and cleaned off my deck table since I’m having my one person over for dinner tomorrow. (boyfriend)

  2. raincharm Says:

    I went through today like a Sunday, trying to put the garbage out for a Monday pick-up. It doesn’t help that I have been holding the newspapers in quarantine, and then cutting the Saturday and Sunday puzzles out after a week. I think I am finally done with May, and starting June.

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