Happy 4th of July

I do know the date, I just don’t know the day. Since yesterday morphed into a Saturday, it only makes sense that today is Sunday. I keep having urges to do Sunday things. Like putting out the garbage. And doing the Sunday crossword puzzle, which I did do, only from a several week old paper.

We took a long walk. I do try to have at least one 10,000 step day a weekend, so which day it is/was, doesn’t really matter. I even picked up a book out of one of the little free libraries we passed. I hand sanitized after retrieving the book, and sanitized the book itself after arriving home.

The chores for the day focused on the garden. Raspberries picked, watered those, kale and tomatoes, and staked the tomatoes, again. When I bought 3 plants I only had 2 cages. And then I waited too long to get a third, as the plants grew to big to fit the traditional cage over. So I bought a few put-together versions that allow building around the plant, and putting the crossbars where they are needed. They come with three stakes to build as a triangle. A review I read said they would work better as a square, so I bought 2. I am glad I did, because now I have 2 extra stakes to help manage some wild branches from the plants in the traditional cages.

All three plants. Pink traditional cages, and green added structure.

Close up of some cherry tomatoes forming.

But the most fun of the day was hosting a family zoom with almost the whole family on my side and significant others. Most significantly absent were my Dad, and I realized we never saw Allen, although Theo made a cameo appearance. We discussed the normal family issues; squirrels, bees (bumble not murder hornets), boats, cars, middle fingers, computers and kittens. Of course the free 40 minutes goes by way too quickly- as did the second version.

I have heard one large boom this evening, several hours before the sun is down. Sunset is at 9:09, and it stays light for quite a bit afterwards. It is likely to be a loud night, but we can sleep in tomorrow.

One Response to “Happy 4th of July”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    What fun to do a zoom get together! It was very loud here, but fireworks are legal in unincorporated Pierce County. With no fireworks shows around, people apparently went wild.

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