Small walks

Maybe it should be, just one walk. Weather was fine today. No rain, and mostly sun. But unlike the last 2 rainy days, there was work. And 3 significant meetings. And pre-meeting prep. And post-meeting wrap up. And emails with more requests throughout.

At least some of the emails were about which cities/suburbs/neighborhoods were being targeted for protests, damage or both. So we are in the 3rd or 4th day with a curfew. So, technically, by the time I was off work, I wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. For tonight that means skipping the evening walk. I am so tired, I am not even going to try and figure out whether we should. Today’s damage did include one of our regular shopping areas. I don’t know if there was also a protest. The neighborhood grapevine is limited.

On the positive side, we did get our regular lunch walk in.

Loved this grouping. Enlarge for the detail.

California Scrub Jay

Many different blooming stages

2 Responses to “Small walks”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Glad you could get your lunch walk in. That’s a beautiful bird! You know how much I love photos of plants and flowers. đŸ™‚

    • raincharm Says:

      I love birds, but am challenged when it comes to making identifications. I had to ask my better educated co-worker. She figured it out pretty quickly.

      And I could use a much better camera for the pictures!

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