Sunday’s Shearing the Sheik

Before, notice the corona.

The tools.

Pre shearing

Post shearingNot too many tears were shed. Not even in howling laughter.

I don’t want to be anywhere close when a trained hairdresser gets hold of him.

2carl hair20200531_162137.jpg

3 Responses to “Sunday’s Shearing the Sheik”

  1. margiegf Says:

    He looks much more neatly coiffed! Way to go!

  2. raincharm Says:

    I can’t get the final picture to load! Still trying. From front on he looks almost bald. (Truth hurts?)

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    The pre-shearing, hair down picture reminds me of Boris Johnson!
    Mark adds that “Jay has tamed the white corona.”
    We both think it looks good.

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