Walk Interrupted

I was diligent in getting to work on time this morning, so when noon rolled around it was time for a walk.

After about 1 block it started to rain a bit. But we kept going. After several more blocks it started hailing. So we turned around. This is one of the few days I won’t reach my steps goal.

One of my afternoon work activities was to watch a press conference given by the Governor of Washington. It was about Covid, of course, and the continued need for social distancing, field hospital construction, and, in response to a question, the limited ventilators available. Another reporter referenced the story that trump won’t talk with our governor, because he didn’t show him enough appreciation. Mr. trump said the same about “that woman from Michigan.” Side note – the VP does talk to WA, and I assume MI.

But that still doesn’t get us more ventilators, or tests.

We have now heard expectations of continued distancing until both ends of May.

On a random occurrence, when I took out the garbage I noticed something not very garbage like looking across the street. A few canvases that look like they were, at worst dumped, or at best dropped.

They look like they have survived the nights rain and wind. I am trying some neighborhood groups to try and locate the owner.

On a truly positive note, we had some delicious matzo ball soup tonight. Dingfelders Deli in Seattle, if you’re ever in town.

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