Two-Walk Sunday

The first walk was to get a few items not available from the grocery store pickup. Plus it was relatively nice out (not raining). And when I ventured into the store I was wearing a newly acquired mask, and gloves too.

Thank you Pooh

The store was very lightly populated, so the 6-ft distance was not hard to maintain. I completed my list, except for sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, of course.

The second walk was to gather more steps. It was sunny and we just have more time on the weekend.

I couldn’t get far enough back to capture the entire tree from top to bottom.

First tulip of the season in our front walk.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get other, important chores done. I finally got to filing home papers. This included basic things that had piled up since November, and sorting through the remnants of the August car accident, claim, new used car purchase, old car hand-off, medical claim, etc. The elephant that still remains is a lot of medical papers. I was on top of it for a long time, but then took a breather for a bit too long. Don’t worry, the bills get paid, but the HDHP HSA account must be managed and documented for some unknown potential future audit when chances of remembering what bills were for are slim.

And Carl finally completed some ideas he had from Thursday, aka Opening Day, aka 20-year Kingdome anniversary.

With actual pieces of the Kingdome

On a more serious note, Carl’s brother Steve has Covid-19. Likely acquired in or returning from Chicago to Colorado. He is over a week into the illness, and still at home. We are worried, but hopeful he is on the mend. Scary stuff.

2 Responses to “Two-Walk Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your mask! I have an old one from the doctor’s office, if I can find it. I would mainly wear it to keep my hands away from my face. I think I’ll need to go shopping too since I wasn’t very satisfied with the on-line pick up. It wasn’t their fault at all. Hope Steve will be OK!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Are you a newt? I hope you get better. 😉

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