Walkies and Talkies

We took our walk at midday today. Shorter than yesterday’s, but probably 3 miles and got me to “goal” on my tracker. Our general goal was dropping off mail at a post office, and sanitizing hands afterwards.Today’s tree photo.For scale, Carl’s arm is sticking out the left side of the tree, clad in grey.There is lots of chalk art around. You all should know that hop scotch is alive and well, as well as other art.

Wellcome (sic) to the Beach

And pretty petsWe ate the matzo ball soup provided by a neighbor through a porch pick-up, and spent a few hours enjoyingYou can read more about our nephew, Daniel Axe, on the RegenAxe blog. Thanks to Ashlan for assisting our views.Finally, thank you to our grocery friend for delivering some lentils. There will be chili next week! After we get our next grocery order together, including a jalapeno pepper.

One Response to “Walkies and Talkies”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Interestingly, his IMDb credit listing includes his middle name. I wonder why they shortened it here?

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