Day ??? Of the Situation

To start or end with humor. Maybe both.

Our Mariners season tickets arrived today. Of course we don’t really know when they will play again.


We continued our midday walk, and added a pre-dinner walk as well.

We further took advantage of the good weather and our neighbor’s lack of paying work to get some yard work done. … A few hours in the sun and the hedge looks much better, and the spruce tree isn’t being overrun with branches. The strange part of this exchange is our inability to pay for the work.

Filthy lucre is not to be touched, and a check is equally suspect. I don’t have a compatible digital transfer app, so we will owe for the time being.

We are still trying to modify our own behavior further. Likely to try to take advantage of the senior shopping hours, and maybe order and pick up.

Of course, this still won’t get us hand sanitizer or lentils.

One Response to “Day ??? Of the Situation”

  1. margiegf Says:

    It’s like an alternate universe right now where nothing is quite normal.

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