Weirdness Day Whatever

I am working remotely every day, and starting to lose track of which day of the week it is. Life has gotten into a not unpleasant rut. Sun helps! Walks at lunch, and before dinner.

Knobbly Tree on the night walk

I try to get at least one non-Covid related task done each day. As one caller told me today, if we can get him the information he is requesting, he has a better chance to keep his people employed.

Another result of forced social distancing has hit very close to home. Mother had a fall, resulting in a few days in the hospital. She has now moved to a rehabilitation facility, but they are not allowing any visitors. None! I can’t imagine what she is thinking to be in a strange place, with nothing but strangers. For who knows how long.

I know the reason for their decisions, but it is still hard to accept.

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