Double trouble

Here we are at Carl’s Sunday game, and he’s pitching again.

Really, there is a person on the mound, and it’s Carl.

Tap the picture, the video should right itself.

The pitcher they “saved” during yesterday’s game started today, but got hit in the hand by a come-backer. So Carl, on one days rest, is their next best option. We’ll see how far he goes, and if there’s enough ice in the house tomorrow.

A bit later our shortstop caught a throw with his face, resulting in a bloody nose.

Who said baseball isn’t a contact sport.

Carl went 5 innings, but they lost by 1 run! Not too bad, as the other team had their ace pitcher going.

Epsom salts now, and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m proud of him for stepping up. Before the game started he was wondering if he would be able to throw at all today.

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