Social Saturday

Saturdays are for sleeping in. Except when there is a 10:30 am baseball game, where you need to be there at 9:30 (to stretch – important in a 60+league). And the field is an hour away. Breakfast, gathering uniforms, etc., meant no real sleeping in.

The Silver Foxes prevailed, 17 to 2. Carl had a great game, he pitched 6 shutout innings and hit a double his first time up, and a TRIPLE the next time. Remember that both of those hits involved more running than he has done in a while.

Next up we went to a gallery showing local artists prints. One of our friends had a print included. The artists each spoke about their piece for a few minutes. Interesting, although some of the materials mentioned were not something I was familiar with, and the techniques may have well have been in Greek. This was a bit of a hit and run, but nice to see and hear.

Finally, a reception for a friend and her relatively new husband. They were actually married in December. In New Orleans. At a surprise (to the groom) wedding, cleverly disguised as a 30th birthday party with lots of friends in attendance. It was fun to see Kassy, meet Sam, reconnecting with others, and meeting many new folks.

The M-heads are a blast from the past. Mariners thing back when they were regularly in the playoffs. This is a sort of re-creation of an older photo.

Now it’s time to relax! And get ready for another Foxes baseball game tomorrow.

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