Funny Cats

As I mentioned, Theo is starting to warm up to us.

He doesn’t even know I’m here

Is it edible?

Stalking the wild postcard

In between breakfast and lunch we touched down at the Museum of the Moving Image . They had a Jim Henson exhibit including several pieces that we had not seen at a Henson exhibit in Seattle, and a Coen Brothers exhibit about a movie of theirs I had not seen. And actor’s life masks used to create extremely different looks for aging and expression and horror. And cells for advertising at shows.

Lunch was at the Le Parisien Bistro. Good food.

Tonight’s good food is by Ashlan. Homemade focaccia and Figgy Balsamic Pork. And Theo is helping.


And of course, as we figure out the subway, there is an incident and our line is shut down. So a cab ride to a different line. And my wild guess at what to load on the Metro Card was almost perfect, except that one ride took two swipes – one for the suitcase stuck going through, and the other for me. So for tomorrow I will buy a single ride, but I know I can do that.

Finally- playtime

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