Big City

So yesterday started this way.

And ended in the big city.

That’s Theo, finally in person, sort of. He was very skittish with 3 new people. But as soon as a door separated him from us, he wanted to see more.

As the second day draws to a close, he is getting much braver.

The view from the current apartment.

The entire story.

Today we ventured into Manhattan, using the subway

like seasoned veterans tourists that have been here before.

Rockefeller Center and general wandering.

In the afternoon we took in a show about the first professional woman baseball player, Toni Stone, who played for the Clowns.

Dinner was at Uva, an Italian restaurant on the upper east side. Yummy.

And we got home before the remnants of Hurricane Barry arrived with thunderstorms.

Kevin is still out and about, having tickets to Hades Town. I wonder how wet he will be.

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