Lots to Do

The day started quickly and quickly slowed down. Carl had a game at 9 AM. We were there, the rest of the Silver Foxes were there, the Pilots (opponents) were there, the umpires were there, but the person with the keys to unlock the field was absent. Whenever a car pulled up, everyone was expectant, and trying not to look menacing. Most players arrive about an hour early. At 20 minutes past start time, the umpires called the game. Everyone waited a few more minutes, allowing the umpires time to take off their equipment and actually leave. Then we left.

Next up was the garlic harvest. This was an experiment last fall. Now is time to harvest.

Third in line is Princess Ida. We’re in the front row! We bused down to avoid parking, plus we get a walk in. There was a brief delay waiting for the Fremont Bridge to raise and lower.

Luckily we weren’t on an extremely tight schedule.

And now that Prince Hilarion has won a bride, and all of the Gilbert and Sullivan complexities have been ironed out, it is back into the city.

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