A Tale of 2 Teams

The Mariners were no-hit last night.

It happens. And the Angels were remembering a teammate who had passed away, so it must have been an emotional night for the players and their fans. We were not at the game, watching it on TV, and barely tracked the score. We learned of the impending no-hitter when friends started texting Carl. But he did not have his phone with him for a while, so we were blissfully ignorant.

Because we were at the Seattle Storm game. I got these tickets for donating blood a while ago. The Storm is playing some of their home games at the UW basketball arena while Key Arena is being rebuilt for the new NHL team, and whatever basketball team is playing in Seattle. So, convenient for us.

Our view during warm-ups

We did the opposite of our frequent travel type by busing to the game, and walking home. Love the northern long summer days, it was just getting dusky when we arrived home.

And the Storm dominated the game, with an easy win. There was a player on the Wings who was fantastic. Carl thinks he remembers Ogunbowale playing a big part in last year’s Final Four run for Notre Dame.

The game was fun, and there was an added highlight when they introduced Megan Rapinoe at the end of the first quarter. Loudest cheer of the night to that point. It was special, and for those who may not know, Rapinoe’s girlfriend, Sue Bird, plays for the Storm.

My blurry shot. Look for the purple hair

Seattle Times professional, in focus shot, by Elaine Thompson of the AP. That’s Sue Bird, Mayor Durkan and Megan Rapinoe

We finished off our evening by watching the conclusion of the Wizard of Oz. From the poppy fields to the end. We watched it over 3 sessions, and it was fun. We reminisced on what an event it was to see it each year. How scary the monkeys were. And for me, watching it in black and white, even though we knew it went to color. I didn’t see it in color until I was in college. That’s when I finally got the, “horse of a different color,” reference, to the puzzlement of the much younger kids I was watching with, who had probably always had color TVs.

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