Back, back, back

So I tied my shoes Tuesday morning. And felt that twinge in my lower back. By the time I got to work it was in full fledged moving gingerly to avoid the shooting pains.

I muddled through the next 2 days with a back patch, advil and moving my desk to a standing position. And finally on day 3, when it was starting to improve, went to a chiropractor.

I have been to chiropractors in the past, but the last one really soured me on the profession. I don’t think he was totally above board, supported by the fact that it seemed he sort of eventually skipped town.

The person I went to yesterday has been used and recommended by several people at work. I felt relatively comfortable with him, and will return on Monday.

The pain was in evidence this morning, but dissipates with movement.

In other news, how about those Mariners! Surprisingly good so far. We keep waiting for reality to arrive, but are enjoying the present situation.

2 Responses to “Back, back, back”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That must be frustrating to feel that pain start back up again. I think there are many reputable chiropractors but I grew up with parents who believed them all to be quacks. My late husband would be saying the same as you! He loved the Ms and was always super optimistic at the beginning of the season. Then they would have a 10 game losing streak and he would grumble, “I knew they would turn back into the Mariners.” It was almost like Cinderella at midnight. 🙂 Hope your back improves!!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Feel better soon. Glad this chiropractor is a better fit.

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