Fake Grandparents

Carl is a manny, but when we spend the night we transform into fake grandparents.

A birthday of note was the reason for parents night out and our night in. Dinner, hot wheels, books and lots of Lego time.

I joined in on the floor, until my body reminded me that staying in one position too long makes my joints squeak.

I was just aimlessly putting pieces together, without a real vision.

Dean then took my creation and added some embellishments. He then declared it was “cool.”

Audrey’s creation was more like the creations Ashlan used to make. More village like.

All in all a pretty good evening.

Audrey departed with her soccer coach for her game this morning. Between the light rain and bringing the car without the car seats, we have decided to stay at the house with Dean.

Of course there was a Starbucks run … Caregiving in Seattle.

One Response to “Fake Grandparents”

  1. margiegf Says:

    It looks like everyone had fun! I’ve never heard the term “manny” before. 🙂

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