Morning show

Last night out, at the ballpark again. Despite their efforts to error (4) their way to a loss, the Mariners won, again. Fun times, but a later night than was hoped for.

I took a not quite light look into the backyard this morning.

Forsythia, rhododendron and camellia

Garlic, from above


Tonight we are going out again. This time to a play. Previously called Little Dancer, the title has been changed to Marie, Dancing Still. The musical is new and revolves around Degas sculpture known as Little Dancer, Aged 14. That’s the extent of my knowledge at this time. Another late night. But, should be fun.

One Response to “Morning show”

  1. jane Says:

    I perused my garden after a movie today. I have one purple crocus showing it’s color, although it hasn’t opened yet. Other than that just some daffodils about 4″ out of the ground. Of course, we had snow on Sunday, so the flowers are still hiding, wisely.

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