Spring Warmth

We walked today. How could we not. Sunny, and in the 60s. 18,000 plus steps for me, over 20,000 for Carl.

From our house we headed south to the Seattle Center. Lots of families, skateboard crews, sunbathers and wet kids.

Our real goal, other than exercise, was dinner with friends at a Thai restaurant followed by the Seattle Men’s Chorus.

This show celebrated Cher. It featured Chad Michaels, a drag queen with Cher as a specialty. And even better it featured 2 Cher stalkers who appeared throughout the show, looking for the diva. Their schtick was really funny and tied the show together nicely. They were also winners of a contest to do this performance. They are not members of the Chorus, yet. They could both sing well. And we are pretty sure the marriage proposal near the end of the show was legit.

Today was also sunny and 60s, but chores were calling. A little yard work, laundry including sheets and towels from our 5 recent house guests, making beds, and a few other odds and ends.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone. And a baseball game!

One Response to “Spring Warmth”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I’m enjoying this beautiful weather, although I’m only getting 16,000 steps or so. It also has meant weeding and mowing which isn’t as much fun as walking!!

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