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January 1, 2019

I am one of the strange folks who actually like doing the end of year data crunching on New Year’s Day. So I looked at our spending over 2018. Nothing we didn’t expect when compared to 2017 year end. Started in on the taxes for this year, although really just scratched the surface, and downloaded to reports at work so I can attack our year end customer counts tomorrow.

And found time for a 3 mile walk. We took advantage of a brief shopping trip to buy turbo-tax (on sale plus an added old person discount and they didn’t even ask to see my ID). The advantage was starting the walk from somewhere that was not our house.

We went through the Meadowbrook Pond area,

and then down towards Lake Washington and the Burke-Gilman trail.

A lot of good elevation changes and nice scenery. The only drawback was a lack of sidewalks on several roads, but there were also not a lot of cars.

Finally, continued to undecorate the house. The lights are still up, but it is still so dark that I figured they could wait for the weekend.


January 1, 2019

The morning dawned cold and bright. I opened up the blinds and was confused. There appeared to be snow on the carport roof.

It was cold enough, but I had not heard any dire warnings about the S word. And in Seattle there would have been warnings.

We finally decided there must have been a hail storm, and we slept right through. It gathered on the roof until it slid down as one grand avalanche, landing on the carport.

There was a small remnant in the valley of the roof above the landing spot. Notice the hole, where a ball of some sort appears to have exploded, with a fan of spray beyond. Forensics anyone?

This was a day or two ago.

Yesterday was a work day. The last quiet one for awhile I imagine. School is still off, so the light traffic might last a few more days. After that we have a predicted traffic armageddon as they close on of the main north-south arteries of the city for about a month.

I am taking a wait and see attitude, but if it is really bad I may try for more telecommuting, or upping a usual 2 person carpool to 3 (3 person carpool lanes).

In other news we ended the year making tentative plans for some 2019 sojourns. A spring training trip is in outline form, and lodging for a potential visit to Cooperstown has been secured. (Start with the scaresest commodity first.)

We did make it to midnight, barely, and slept in this morning.

Here’s to 2019.