Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful fall day.

We did walk. Must take advantage. Probably a few miles, with a large hill between our house and the target grocery store.

Vactor trucks that lurk around every corner.

Long line of dump trucks waiting to dump and pave. Work does not stop for a weekend.

Figs, strawberries and some new kitchen implements in hand, we headed out for a bus ride home.

It was so nice that I spent part of the afternoon on the deck, going through the Sunday paper.

And then there is the truck that has spent the weekend on our block. As far as I know, no neighbor knows the entire story. Facts: The truck will not drive away without serious help. It didn’t drive far in this condition. Rumors: The police arrested the driver. There is a note on the windshield asking not to be towed, that “he” will get it moved. The mountain dew on the hood is not empty.

Front tire doing a side step

I wonder if the garbage haulers will consider picking it up with the rest of the trash tomorrow.

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