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Dwindling Numbers

July 8, 2018

As the celebratory week winds down, our numbers are rapidly decreasing as well. At brunch there were 23.

We got to spend an afternoon on the beach with friends. Hot in the sun, even with the wind. But just getting partially wet was enough to cool down.

Dispersion of folks downstate, UP tourism, Canada and flights from both Soos. By dinner it was down to 8.

(Dinner for a few of us was Clydes, the only boats were small motorboats and the Sugar Island ferry. And strangest of all, no seagulls harassed us for food, only a fly intent on Allen’s Big C burger. )

Such is the way of the world.

Work continues for most, and for most that means being somewhere other than here. So we flit in and out. The wedding provided a focus that allowed me to be here at the same time as others.

I often feel removed when we are at the cabin. Lack of connectivity through the little hand held device accounts for some. No TV is yet another normal home source of information that is not in attendance. I do understand there is wi-fi available, of sorts, and much can be found if you bother to get a computer out.

Maybe tomorrow. I think I will pick up my book.