The Blue Jacket, and Happy Birthday

On the day of Carl’s big heart surgery I spent time in the waiting lobby. I noticed the information desk person noted me as, “blue jacket”. I was wearing a light blue Lands End fleece jacket that zips and has two zipper pockets.

This jacket has become a primary piece of my hospital attire. It’s enough to keep me comfortable in the rooms and not too warm outside, where it has been in the 60s. And I can put a cell phone in each pocket (mine and Carl’s). I had been wearing this piece now and again, but not every day.

I wonder if it has been long enough to become a habit?

We have a reasonably good chance of leaving today. They are working on discharge paperwork as I type. And giving the last/first dose of the newest antibiotic. Last in the hospital, and first of the variety we will learn how to administer at home.

Many notes to take today before we walk/ride out of here.

Oh, and Happy 60 to the guy. First present of the day

And, while we are missing Carl’s birthday party at Safeco Field, we should be able to make an appearance at this evening’s film festival.

Heard a shout out to Carl on the TV broadcast as a nurse delivered him a celebratory cake pop (only 22 carbs).

IV nurse kicked me out of the room to insert the mid-line that we will be using for the next month. One more step closer.

And finally ready to go home.

The discharge directions are daunting. We have 2 appointments, a blood draw and prescriptions to fill tomorrow, and then another appointment the next day and a further one to schedule. It’s exhausting.

I felt organized, but not so much now. I think it’s partly because I am leaving town in 4 days and won’t be able to control the situation in my own freaky way.

But on to happy moments.

Arriving home. So helping Carl get his walker up the stairs.

And then off to a truncated (for us) film festival with friends who helped us celebrate, everything.

And now we get to sleep in our own bedroom. First time for Carl in 2 weeks! But we are here, and that’s what’s important.

3 Responses to “The Blue Jacket, and Happy Birthday”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    Happy Birthday Carl!! So glad that you are home!!

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    To be home with your loving wife is the very best present! Happy Birthday, Carl!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to Carl and welcome home! He looks very glad to be there!

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