Good vs Not as Good


Knee was exposed, under shrink wrap. Looking good, still bigger than normal, but better than before.



Climbed a flight of stairs. This means we don’t need to set up an alternative sleeping quarters at home.

Saw several friends at the hospital.

The highest temperature last night was 99.4 degrees.

The Mariners won!


They are still trying to determine the best antibiotics to send us home with.

Our friends had to go to the hospital to see Carl.

He will not be able to attend his Suite 60th birthday party at the Mariners game. Still holding out hope for the film festival tomorrow evening.

One Response to “Good vs Not as Good”

  1. margiegf Says:

    The health news sounds good! It’s mainly that the recovery is taking longer and is more complicated than anticipated. Such a shame he has to miss his 60th party at the Ms. Perhaps he can do it for 61?

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