An Actual Weekend

I didn’t do any work work this weekend. Only work around the house, with some walking and watching thrown in.

It tried to start Friday morning, with great plans to get some shopping done Friday night. That did not happen. I was exhausted after work, so I went home, ate, a little viewing and into bed. Friday’s shopping became Saturday morning chores. Two tomato plants, Tupperware type containers, crackers, socks and a pair of shorts. Planted said tomatoes and some vegetable seeds.

And it was still morning! So we set off on foot. The initial destination was opening day of the boating season. There are crew races and a boat parade through the Montlake Cut. We had missed the races, but saw boats of all sizes heading through the Cut and on to the route that follows a trail between even more boats tied up to log booms.

After lingering here it was time to get on the light rail and head downtown. Baseball and all …

Carl just had to try to recreate Paxton’s eagle adventure from opening day in Minnesota. (Google Paxton and the eagle)

We sat high in the upper deck with the Garfield baseball team supporters. The day had been nice, but some clouds arrived, complete with rain. Luckily our seats were just under cover. Safeco’s moveable roof did not start moving until after an inning of rain.


he Mariners won in dramatic fashion and we snagged a ride home.

Sunday started similarly. I tried to get an azalea and ended up with a rhodedendron. But I planted it anyway. Did a little more futzing around with the vegetables and headed off to the light rail station. [This is a nice 2 mile walk, including walking through the UW campus. ]

The Mariners game was another game, but the first sunny afternoon game of the year, and it was warm. (Reason for needing shorts that fit.) The Mariners lost, we left a bit early, and both gave up doing any meaningful work once we got home.

One Response to “An Actual Weekend”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Weather is perfect for walking, and boats. And baseball games, as long as it doesn’t rain too much!

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