More seconds of fame

Warning. Baseball heavy blog.

Yesterday Paxton pitched a great game and our EH cards got several looks during the game.

As it turns out, it was also Ichiro’s last game as a Mariner player this year. He is transitioning to front office duties. Carl dug out a sign he made for ichiro’s last game the first time he was a Mariner. I think the date on the sign is October 3, 2010. (Pack rat? It is a homemade sign.) The sign celebrated his 10 seasons with at least 200 hits in a row.

And it was picked up by the local mlb coverage. (Picture courtesy of our seatmate who was taking the night off from the ballpark.)

And the Mariners won, in rather efficient style. [This means we get home before it is too late.]

Interesting expressions. Carl is keeping score. I am trying to keep warm (sitting on my hands). Kevin is … I don’t know what he’s thinking about.

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