A day to set a schedule of our own

Two things are on my mind today.

  1. Finishing leftovers
  2. Kid Mail

1.  Leftovers.

We had folks over at our house for the last three World Series meals. All with food and drink. Mostly good food to boot. Sunday was chicken thighs stuffed with provolone and lots of other stuff. Monday was pulled pork. Tuesday was leftovers, plus a bit of new side dishes. Plus appetizers and desserts. And drink – wine, beer, water and champagne (x 3 for each day the Cubs stayed alive – and eventually prevailed).

Before these were sausage, local pizza style (Pagliacci), Chicago deep-dish pizza, lasagna, and some other entrees – not at our house. (It is actually difficult to rebuild the food – only a few days after the end of the run.)

We have managed to get through most of the entrees. Bits of appetizers remain, along with beer. I think we may have to cook a non-leftover meal tonight.

2. Kid Mail

By this I mean mail that still arrives at our house addressed to our kids. Neither have lived here for several years, but their legacy lives on.

Rey’s mail has been the most confusing – he gets pet food samples. Rey is allergic to both dogs and cats, and has never donated to the humane society or Paws as far as I know.

Ashlan’s mail is more of a demographic blast. She gets mail about babies. The first time we got one we actually checked in with her to see if there was something we should know. (No there wasn’t). She got one yesterday for Muchery – a meal delivery service. She is a bit of a foodie. It was addressed to Har Ashlan, a name variation we had not seen for awhile, based on computer sites that could not fit in all of her last name – omitting the ms.

The other mail that we always get for Ashlan is her ballot. She has still not informed WA that she now lives in NY. Don’t worry, we don’t vote for her, but we do use her ballot as a draft version with notes – and then transfer decisions to our ballots.  When she was still a WA resident, but living in Canada, we used to drive the ballot up so she could vote, and then bring it back. We did not trust the Canadian postal service to be timely.

For those not in WA, the voting in our area is all by mail (or drop-off). It is not absentee, it is mail. No regular polling places. I miss voting in person, especially during a presidential election.

And we have voted – dropping off the ballots today.

Carl did manage to get the lawn mowed yesterday. It needed some attention – the first since the grass was planted. This is the first day with a no-rain moment when somebody was available with the mower.


Between the Cubs run, vacation to Colorado, work and a work-related presentation yesterday (Saturday) I feel like this is the first day I have had to just do what I want to do for a long time. And it is not raining.

Time for a walk.

One Response to “A day to set a schedule of our own”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I miss voting in person too; it seemed much more REAL. Those left overs sound good. Hope people brought decent beer. 😉

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