Home again. Sometime before 8 PM yesterday we strolled through our front door. This was about 2 hours later than planned, but not awful. Even unpacked the dirty laundry. 

Our visit with Bob was great, and a nice break from work. 

The biggest change between Colorado and here is the weather. Dry versus wet. Even though it was raining when we landed in Seattle, it was only a light rain during our outdoor wait for the bus and few block walk. (And I really don’t complain about the $3 or so price tag of light rail/bus from the airport to home.)

It was nice in Fort Collins, but it is a really pretty fall here in the northwest. 

One Response to “Jiggity-Jig”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Welcome home, and it’s MOST certainly raining here in Puyallup! Pretty yucky in fact.

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