walking the power trail

This is our third day (2nd full day) at high altitude. Of course that is relative to sea level, but we are a mile high, give or take a few feet. 

We are here to celebrate birthdays with Bob, Carl’s father. It’s been good to catch up in person.

On our first night here we got to watch the Cubs/Dodgers game with Bob. Because it was getting late we retired to our hotel room to watch the last inning, only to find the hotel’s tv package did not include the channel with the game.  (The Cubs held on to win without us.) We plan to watch tonight’s game with Bob again (game 6), and it’s doubtful we will leave early.
Carl and I took some time this afternoon to walk around the neighborhood. We found a trail called the Power trail. I think the name had more to do with the power lines than the workout stations along the path. Or the cats. 

The first cat we encountered was inside the tennis court. With a family playing tennis. The next was along the path paralleling a railroad track.This feline was in stalking mode. Grasshopper perhaps, or some other creature we couldn’t see. But as we approached, the demeanor changed to, “nothing. I’m not doing anything important, just hanging out.” 

Or maybe hunting blue jays. We lived here for about 5 years, and I don’t recall blue jays. Grey jays in the mountains, but not blue jays. (We also ran into blue jays by the hundreds in upper Michigan in May, another place I did not remember blue jays. Turns out those were migrating, and were gone before we returned in July.)

And we found these acorns that are different than what we had seen before.

And finally the Academy o’ Farts and Knowledge.

And after our probably 2 mile walk, I needed to change into shorts and take a rest. Amazing the impact a few days of inactivity and 5,000 feet of elevation has on a person. 

Dinner at McKenzie Place (lamb chops) and now it’s time for the Cubs. (Game face)

CUBS WIN! 4 more and then we can really party!

One Response to “walking the power trail”

  1. margiegf Says:

    High altitude is very tiring for us sea level people. Sounds like some good times watching baseball and hanging out with Bob!

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