Sunny Saturday

Busy day too. Started by sleeping in until 8. Ahhh.
Then the work began. For Carl it began yesterday. He scrubbed the deck woodwork with a cleaner. I think it took him about 4 hours. This morning we followed up with the brightener. With two of us it took about 3 hours, but that included buying a pump sprayer, taping off the metal and then doing the actual brightening (whatever that is).

Finished in time to head to the Seattle Center for the grand opening of the new KEXP studios. We arrived to a long line and decided to follow plan b. Before we could embark on the new plan we ran into some friends that had arrived with a similar plan a. While we were chatting Sagan, her mother and grandparents showed up.  They were at the Center for Whirlygig. Carl had taken Sagan two days during the week and she wanted more. More chatting and then we worked on figuring out our plan b. It started as the Pacific Science Center but soon morphed into dinner at the Athina Grill followed by a walk to the waterfront and along the waterfront to the stadiums.






As you can see, Rainier was out.

Tonight’s activity is a Sounders game. Hopefully they will win, as the Mariners did earlier. In New York City beating the Yankees with Ashlan in attendance. I forgot to ask whether she wore any Mariner gear.

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