Tax Day(s)

April 15th.
Most Americans know April 15th as tax day. Our house also knows this as
1) the day after Pete Rose’s birthday
2) the day after the first due date they gave us for Rey, who was eventually born on June 6th
3) Jackie Robinson day!

Carl always tries to attend a baseball game on Jackie Robinson day. Today he has two scheduled, Garfield High School and University of Washington. UW is playing UCLA, attended by Jackie. Carl called the UW a few months ago and suggested they should make this game a Jackie Robinson game. He never heard back, but we looked at the schedule this morning and it is indeed a celebration of Jackie Robinson. Maybe it was already planned, who knows.


As for tax day, that has been delayed until April 18th due to the celebration of Emancipation Day today since April 16th is a Saturday.

The weather in Seattle is supposed to be nice this weekend. A penalty day for those that put off their taxes until the end.

One Response to “Tax Day(s)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My taxes have been done for a while, thankfully. Jackie Robinson was a very good-looking man!

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