Night and Day

Sunglasses are a day thing most of the time. I have heard there are more sunglasses per capita sold in Seattle than anywhere else in the country. That might seem odd given our deserved reputation for clouds and rain. Instead I think it has something to do with the sun being low in the sky and closer to the horizon.

Yesterday the sun did burn through the morning clouds and when we left for our evening event the sun was bright and dipping low in the sky. So I put on my sunglasses.

We headed towards the Seattle Center for the Men’s Chorus show. Turns out it was only one of many events at the Center. The most heavily attended appeared to be Elle Goulding. (We did not know who she was, some popular English singer.) There was also an ultimate frisbee game and the normal tourists at the Space Needle, EMP, and the Chihuly Glass museum. The conjunction of events drove the parking lot prices northward, so we headed west to look for a street spot. Found a car vacating a rather small spot, but figured our car was no longer and proceeded to parallel park successfully on the first try.

We trudged up the four block hill to the Center and through the folks arriving at the aforementioned concert. About that time I realized I still had my sunglasses on and my other glasses were in the car. We had time but I did not relish the uphill trudge again. (It was a steep hill, not a mere incline.) So I stayed with the sunglasses.

The show was muted, but not impossible. Bright lights of Broadway and all.  The walk back to the car was just plain dark.

This morning was sunny, so yard work beckoned. Our lawn had not been cut yet and parts were reaching 6 inches. Carl wrangled the push mower out of the garage, and then he and our neighbor agreed I should use her electric mower instead. I finally agreed to give it a try, and I am sure it did a much better job. Believe it or not this is the first time I have used a power mower of any kind.

At one point I thought I had run the charge down and plugged it in. While waiting I battled dandelions and other various weeds. I am not sure anyone will notice my effort, but I know. Turns out I just needed to approach the tall grass a bit at a time, and not try to power through all at once.

I noticed this bit of fungus among us.


I like the way it mimics the grain of the bat.

2 Responses to “Night and Day”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Is that batting a fungo? I never knew what that expression meant.

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