It’s Saturday and we rose at the same time as Monday through Friday. Coffee in hand we headed to the end of the block and the 67 bus.

This is our first ride on the new business route. The 66 used to head down Roosevelt to Eastlake and downtown. Now it heads to the university light rail station, where you can transfer to get downtown. The university station is at Husky stadium, which was our destination this morning. No light rail needed.

And the 67 was packed, before 7 AM on a Saturday morning. Most heading to the same event. An opportunity to walk the new 520 Bridge before it opens for traffic. Just us and 13,000 others. And that is before the middle of the day event with STEM activities, food trucks and a ribbon cutting.

The crowd.



Are we having fun yet?


Old and new



At the halfway point, before crossing back over.
More new bridge still under construction



Exposed aggregate on the old bridge
6.2 miles later


When we crossed back over the Montlake bridge, the UW vs Brown crew race was in its final moments, with UW pulling away.



We continued our walk to a bus stop and rode back to the neighborhood where we had breakfast at the Olympic. We shared some of the pictures from the morning with the family that operates the restaurant and listened to them discuss whatever they were discussing in Greek.

I ate a tremendous amount of breakfast – French toast, english muffin and hash browns and sausage. Oh, and coffee.

Lounging a bit now. Later tonight we are going to see the Men’s Chorus. A few hundred gay men singing Broadway tunes. Should be awesome.

One Response to “Bridge”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about the bridge walk/festivities. If I lived closer I would have loved to be part of it. The Men’s Chorus is fantastic!!

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