Kingdome Kaucus

This morning was all about the democratic process. We caucused with several hundred neighbors. Even ran into a few that we had not seen for a while. They were not in our precinct, so we had to part ways when they finally got things moving. It did not seem quite as organized as the last one, but they started with 16 precincts in one gym, and a huge turnout. But eventually the process took place and everyone got to have their say or vote anyway.

Post caucus was spent getting ready for a Kingdome memory shindig.



That’s Carl up to bat, and Griffey perched on the bench in the dugout.


A new plate, and a repeat of the Kingdome meatloaf.


Puff pastry domes for dessert.


(With Nutella) and eggs for Easter.


This was all shared with some friends. Kingdome memories abound. Fun seeing pictures of the kids, parents and players growing up. And this day in 2000, when the Kingdome came down in a matter of seconds.

2 Responses to “Kingdome Kaucus”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I went to a Led Zeppelin concert in the Kingdome. I also watched a couple of Seahawks game there, before there were 12s. đŸ™‚

    • Jay Says:

      I think all of the major and minor sports were there, not to mention the bands and monster trucks. I think it really served its purpose.

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