Work late or late to work

Probably both today. Definitely the latter as it is ten minutes to work time and at least thirty minutes to get there. The occasional result of a carpool.

But it’s Friday and I probably am past 40 hours this week already. Not too stressed.

And I was able to put receipts into the family spreadsheet. And deposits to balance out the receipts. (Just realized I only put one of the paycheck amounts in out of four. Try to remember to add the others tonight. At least it would be an error that would not hurt us. Like finding 20 dollars in the pocket of a jacket you have not worn for a while.) Family arithmetic.

A view of spring.


A view of the new bridge from the old. Walking on the new in a week. Driving on the new a week or so later.


Well, it is 8:00 now, so I should start thinking about work stuff.

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