The long day ahead.

Yesterday was not focused enough. I want to check more off of my lists or make progress on a big progress.

Today has two events that will happen, take time, and could even be fun. First up will be opening bids for two properties we are surplusing at work. My project (other duties as assigned). It has been a fair amount of work, mostly because I don’t do this very often, like never. The worry is that nobody bids, or there is a problem with the bids. I already have one bid for one property, so we are halfway home there. (Just had another worry thought. What if I have two top bids that are equal?)

The second event is an open house that the City of Sammamish is putting on for a road improvement project. We are installing sewer and a larger water main so we will be there in support. I think the real topic of discussion will be roundabouts. Either way it will be a late evening.

On the fun side at home


New chewies. Just because.

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