That in between week

The Seahawks have been out for a week or so. The super bowl is still more than a week away. And yet the sports radio is all football. And more Seahawks than Broncos or Carolina. And the Sounders have a tournament (Concacaf) in a week. Spring training is in the offing.

This is more noting the facts than a complaint.

And the driver just changed the station to music. That seems more like a complaint.

Every morning is a little lighter. Rather exciting.

And in the vacation/sports continuum, we will be traveling through New York city on our way to Cooperstown this summer. I would like to see a Broadway show while in town, without breaking the bank. I have not researched what is going to be about, and have heard about getting day of show tickets. But I don’t know about spending our brief time standing in line for a chance. Sounds like a project.

A day or so ago we watched a movie, Blue Skies. Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones. Quite good. Carl noted that Lange won the Academy award for her role.  I don’t even remember the movie being in theaters. Better late than never I suppose.

This post has been all over the place. About five miles to go to the office. Is it time to start focusing?


2 Responses to “That in between week”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Looking forward to doing the Tennessee Waltz with you this May.

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