Yesterday the electronics rebelled.

It’s a good thing I was not driving the Prius.

After about an hour of work, just enough to get really into a document, my desktop computer took yet another powder. We have replaced memory and the motherboard. Now it looks like the power supply.

Back to the mini. I am amazed at how much it impacts my mood. Mostly because my productivity is so reduced.

On the upside, I have two meetings today that should take up at least half of the day.

And then when it was time to leave, the gates would not work. They were locked open. Luckily the project manager was still there to troubleshoot the situation. Unluckily he is my carpooler. Let’s just say I only saw the last out of the Cubs game. (He was able to close the gates and devise a procedure to lock them open in the morning.)

And I helped.

But they are not fixed. The gates or the computer.

Early in this morning. There are days when I am not up yet. And we are closer to work than to home. Hopefully we’ll get out relatively on time tonight for the Cubs last stand.

3 Responses to “Electronics”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Maybe you need to ask for a new work desktop for your birthday!

  2. margiegf Says:

    My main desktop appears to be fubar. Very stressful. My rental house needs a new hot water tank and washer. 😟

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