Bad decisions and Progress

We had a few errands to run today and decided to try to get them done in the morning.

Our first goal was to get a map of Phoenix. A paper map. Metzger Maps was the place to go. In the middle of tourist town. But Carl will be there in a week, and is still more comfortable with a hard copy map than a small smartphone app.

Tourist town combined with a pending Seahawks game. Recipe for stretching your patience.

Example, There was an Armada that did a pickup move without really clearing the lane, so effectively blocked a lane while slowly loading a passenger. And then couldn’t just pull back into traffic, because an Armada has the turning radius of, well, an Armada. After backing and filling several times they got into the right lane, signaled left, changed lanes, stopped and started to move back to the right lane. Impossible to get past … All the while the Seahawk traffic is growing and impatient.

We finally decided that it did not matter where we were trying to get, we just needed to get out of the Seahawk area.

On to Ballard in search of Vernors. It may be easy to find in Michigan. Not so much in Seattle. Bevmo – a big box beverage store I had previously avoided. Bingo.

Next up , Northgate area to get some baseball duds for Carl’s upcoming tournament. Different colors and all that.

Gas up the car and on to the grocery store. The goal was cheese and coffee. Cheese was easy, but the in store Starbucks was clogged. Off to the real Starbucks. Finally ready to go home.

Along with everyone else trying to get home in time to watch the Seahawks lose.

Which we did.
I did make some progress on my filing.


The box had been full.


It has been relocated.
And the box is filling back up with paper to be shredded.

Just remember, this blog was started so the kids could keep up on what was happening at home. I don’t think they are regular readers now, but you get what you pay for.

One Response to “Bad decisions and Progress”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    We are regular readers, even if your kids aren’t. Keep those posts a’ coming! Love…

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