Baseball – a Day at the Park

FELIX Hernandez is pitching today. A 6 o’clock game against the Boston Red Sox.  That is the Seattle Steelheads against the Royal Giants. It’s a turn back the clock game.

A reasonably nice day so we thought we would take a stroll to the park.

Even before that we strolled to breakfast at the Olympic. You see, it is the end of a Mariner home stand, and our house is in a state of disarray and groceries are in short supply.

On the way to the stadium we stopped of at a birthday party for a neighborhood 10 year old. Bacon cheese burger to go please. Looked like it was going to be a good party, but we decided to continue downtown.

Nothing too remarkable about the walk. About six to seven miles, temperature in the sixties, cloudy. Good walking weather. One stop at Starbucks. More for the restroom, but picked up a latte since we were there.

Early entrance for season ticket holders, so we got into the stadium about 3:10. Time to rest my weary legs.

Got an autograph from Carson Smith for an usher.


Went out to right field to sit through batting practice. It was going to be crowded so I set myself up in the second to last row and pulled out a book. Carl and the boys were roaming the lower rows. After a few pages something made me look up. Just in time to see a ball, briefly, and then it hit me in leg, just above the ankle.
The guy that retrieved the ball handed it to me. A small prize to go with a bruise.
And I got a bag of ice to go with it. What is really confusing is that I had a mitt on my hand, and my feet were behind the seat in front of me.

The ice has melted and I gave the ball away to a fan who’s sister was celebrating her 50th birthday.

The bruise remains.


You really can’t see anything. I think the colorfulness will come later.

Almost got hit a second time by a ball that deflected around the section. It hit a person in front of me instead.


When the balls stopped flying out of the ballpark we decided to take a walk inside the park, up to the third level. I had tried to get up there earlier, but while they let us in the stadium early, we don’t have run of the entire area. If we did I would not have been trying to read my book and would not have caught the ball with my leg.

I wanted to get up high to try and see the kayaktavists protesting the artic drill rig currently hanging out in our harbour. They were expecting 1000 kayaks and I thought it would be a sight worth seeing. The drill rig was certainly visible. It is huge. But if there were kayaks they were hidden by buildings between us and the water.


The game is underway, end of the third inning. Boston 2, Mariners 1. All solo home runs.

One Response to “Baseball – a Day at the Park”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Looks like the kayaks arrived! (from photos I’ve seen) Ouch on the leg–I would hate to get hit with a baseball. They’re VERY HARD. Hope it’s not sore tomorrow.

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