So I do know I missed mother’s day. I blame a combination of a cold and the Mariners being in town.

I did get a nice floppy sun hat care of the Mariners while enjoying Felix Hernandez’s pitching prowess from a sweet suite on Sunday. And I did get to talk with my mother and the kids. If you include Saturday and make it a weekend.

On Monday my main task at work was to get a contract out to a surveyor. They are surveying a property we own, and getting ready to sell. I want them to identify the underground water system locations that we will mark for them. But there were two wells, an elevated water tank, settling tank, water mains to two pressure zones and a hydrant. And most of the facilities have been abandoned for more than 30 years.

So I dug into the archives and found drawings from 1952 and 1961, pictures from 1973, an aerial photo from 1985, and quizzed 2 employees who were involved with various stages of removing bits and pieces of the old structures. I think I came up with a realistic idea of what may be in the ground. I wonder if I will be graded by the eventual owner when they start digging around.

How did I do Rey?

One Response to “Archiving”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I went out to dinner on Saturday with my parents and brothers’ family, so it’s the whole weekend, or whenever we want it to be!

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