Spring is rushing

Everything feels like it is accelerating. I don’t mean just time because I am older, but this specific week, or month. Taxes, Final Four, work, vacation planning, Easter, and our particular holy day – Opening Day of the baseball season.

I did most of the tax return well over a month ago, and then sat back to wait for the final information. It has been in our hands for more than a few weeks now, and I just need to sit down and complete the forms.

Tomorrow starts the end of the basketball at the college level. I have 2 teams. Duke and Michigan State, although ashlan will claim at least one of those as hers. (Go State)

Between getting lodging and flight plans I don’t think we will ever have a low Visa bill again.

Carl boiled a dozen eggs to color with one of his kids. Then said kid came down with the stomach flu, so I think we get to be creative. Deviled eggs anyone?

Which brings us to Monday. Our current plan is to leave early, on foot. Between regular workday parking and a sold out game, there is no reason to submit ourselves to that level of frustration. And there is always the bus if it pours.

Fans of the Fez, Fan of the Year, and Friends.

So much fun to make up group names for our 20-plus, although our group is scattered around the stadium.

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    I found this and thought of you:


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