15 Years On

Bits and pieces of spring today.
Baseball bats and daffodils.

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

This morning I put on my sunglasses to drive into the sun to work.
There was heavy dew around, fog above the water and light clouds up high.

And Sun Dogs (or parts of a halo).

Sun dogs, care of Wikipedia

Sun dogs, care of Wikipedia

I don’t know if I have ever witnessed these before. And I don’t have any of my own pictures, because I was driving. At first I noticed a “rainbow” to the right (south) of the sun. Then on another section of freeway, there was a left rainbow. And finally, walking into work I saw a bit of the top.

It was quite nice today, in the mid to high 60s as I sat in my office.
Still nice enough when I got home to convince Carl to take a walk with me.

We saw lots and lots of runners, many walkers, frisbees, small children, large children and old children.



And a couple of old cars in somebody’s driveway. There was an old Ford too, but I really liked this grille.

I will end on another baseball reference of sorts.
The title of this post refers to the timing of the Kingdome implosion (and Carl’s broken kneecap).
Follow the link for news coverage of the event.

Kingdome Implosion

And for the final bit of spring for the evening.
Our March Madness bracket before the games today.
You don’t need to know who is playing, just who is leading the way in our family.
Ashlan – Orange,   Rey – Purple,   Carl – Green,   Jay – Blue.

2015 Madness after Round 3

2015 Madness after Round 3

And it is not always how much color you have, but where your color is.
Notice that Carl, green, is very strong in the lower left, but only one team can come out of that.
I have blue pretty well distributed, but I think my numbers will be much depleted after the next round.
Rey has a small amount of purple left, but he does have Wisconsin, and Ashlan only has a small amount of orange, but she does have Kentucky.

One Response to “15 Years On”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I have seen a lot of sun dogs in my life, not to mention a gorgeous sun column at dawn on January 2. But that may be because we are more likely to have the ice crystals that cause their formation. Cheers on this chilly, windy morning!

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