Happy Pi Day

I am starting this post at 3-14-15.9:15. So not quite Pi minute (9:52).

If we had stayed up another 90 minutes last night (this morning), it would have been a very symmetrical trip. As it was, we hit the rack about 2 am.

One week ago most of us dealt with the time change. Those not dealing with the lost sleep were the citizens of Arizona. They have figured out how to become the center of their universe. During half of the year those states in the mountain time zone align with AZ. Then, without lifting a finger or batting an eyelash, those in the Pacific time zone come running, and the mountains retreat.

I really don’t know how the Arizonians look at it, but that is my take.

Back in my universe, the rains have returned. Just in time for the second Sounders game of the season. I think we will try out our new water proof shells that we got around Christmas time. They are almost Rave Green, although the choice of color had more to do with nighttime visibility than team support.

Carl said the spoils of his vacation included 20 used baseballs, but only a handful made the trip back north. The best parts of the trip seemed to be hanging out with a couple of old (older than me) ballplayers. Trading and sharing stories of life in the big leagues, being a breath away from the big leagues, and living and breathing
with a passion for the big leagues.

And, yes, they were at two of the Will Ferrell games. And separately interviewed by a few young folks about physical therapy.

2 Responses to “Happy Pi Day”

  1. jane Says:

    I got my spring ball postcard from Carl yesterday! I love getting postcards!!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Ditto what Jane said. Our postcard showed up today. Carl is the best!

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