Town and Cabin Day

Big day today – we went into town for lunch.
Ate at the Freighters (in the Ojibway). Quite good.

What this really provided was a chance to turn on my phone.
I did not have any messages, and forgot to check messages on the home landline, but did get to speak to the man and the boy. Good to hear their voices, and that after several days on the road together, they are still talking (to each other).

Their 10-games in 10-days trip has morphed into 11-games in 10-days because they got a double-header yesterday. They are currently watching the Mariners at Cleveland. (Ms 5 – Indians 2 last time I checked)

Tomorrow is the Tigers, pick up the girl and then head north the next day.

Life in the north is good, generally slow-paced, and colder than we would hope for a summer vacation.
The lack of beach is making for some good speculations with respect to a beach wedding planned for Friday. I am sure it will work out, but it will be special because of the rather extreme water conditions this year. Lots of relatives are around and arriving. It is good to have the sounds of all generations filling the woods.

Grandma (or Mom)

Grandma (or Mom)

We did get out for a beach walk today – in the sun and wind, before the fog and rain.
There is a real reason for wearing high-water pants. Or get them wet – whatever suits your fancy.

After dinner we settled back to read, write a bit, and watch the fire.

7-29-2014 (1)

One Response to “Town and Cabin Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No wonder people wear high water pants–makes sense! Hope that the trips continue to be special and full of great family times and good baseball. Is that your mom? She looks WONDERFUL.

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